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Section Panel Rack

Section Panel Rack

These racks are long-lasting in nature as they are highly resistant to corrosion, which makes them a costeffective choice too.

RACK TIGER is having an extensive range of warehousing and storage solutions along with Section Panel Racks which enables you to yield maximum benefit of your storage area. At the same time, they minimize the risks due to their user-friendly design and hence, ultimately boost productivity.

With innovative engineering our engineers break the depth into smaller section adding more strength to the rack making it capable to carry load from 50 kgs per/level to 800 kgs/ per level.

Sectional Panel Racks are among the most demanded racks as their versatility makes them useful in various storage applications. Also, you can buy customized panel racks A per your requirements and specifications for their storage needs. Our tailor-made Sectional Panel Racks precisely fulfill the respective requirements.

Advantages Of Section Panel Racks :

  • Most commonly used
  • Most flexible
  • We can upt to 1800mm in width x 1200mm in depth to carry 500-800 kgs/level.
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to install & easy to maintain
  • Economical cost