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Pigeon Hole Rack System

Pigeon Hole Rack System

It is ideal for storing bulk documents, files, stationery, tapes, packaging material, computer disks, laboratory equipment, etc. Moreover, this product is considered as a perfect space saving solution. Features: Superior finish.

This type of racks are used When You need To cover the racks from all 3 sides and also there is a need to differentiate products in smaller Batches different sizes , colour , shapes etc… the partition in between helps in dividing the racks into small Sections called as pigeon Hole / Partition Racks.These shelving racks can be made as per the customers needs & specifications and different loading capacity the loading capacity of these racks vary from 50 kgs/per shelve upto 150 kgs per/shelve UDL.

Advantages Of Shelving Racks :

  • Most commonly used
  • Most flexible
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to install & easy to maintain
  • Economical cost
  • Large number of sizes available
  • Easily expandable system
  • Protected from all 3 sides
  • Easy to bifurcate the products in different sizes, colours, shapes etc.